Monday, August 29, 2011

Hydrangea Pinny

This weekend's rainy weather gave me a chance to sew for a bit.
I am hooked on this 1940's style pattern.
And who can resist such feminine fabric?

This apron fits most sizes,

and is up for grabs.
 Hydrangea Pinny
Email me if you would like to purchase it.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1940's Pinnies

My favorite apron for farm chores is this 1940's pinny
that I received as a gift.
I love this apron...
it is lightweight and yet provides a maximum of coverage.

The past week has given me a few days of rain and so I set to the task
of recreating this pinny.
My first version of it went my friend Maura.
You can see it HERE on her blog.

Here are a few more versions...
This one I made just for me.
The fabric is bees on chicken wire, of course!

I love the detail of the back...this makes it quite comfortable to wear
all day long.

The next two will be for sale on my apron site
as soon as I get the time to post them.
(or if you would like one....just email me!)

And hens, of course....perfect for gathering eggs!

These aprons are cut very full with extra long ties
and would fit a medium to large frame.
They might be a little big on a tiny woman, though.
the back details are identical to the apron I made for myself.

Oh goodness, I had forgotten how much I enjoy sewing!

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