Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Projects

I wish I were posting on this blog more often,

because that would mean that I have had time for all
sorts of fabulous projects!

Sadly, though, I have had precious little time.

In the weeks since Christmas, though,
I have managed to finish a couple small projects.

Without pictures of the finished projects (sorry),
I will say that I did have time to make 3 chef style aprons, reversible,
in delightful coffee fabrics for our local coffee shop.
The gals who waitress there are now wearing aprons made from 
a combination of these fabrics...

I have been averaging a batch of decorated cookies each week,
trying to improve my decorating skills.
I work free hand....without those fancy overhead projector tools.
(And of course, you can tell!)
I cut out a batch of tulips and decorated some as owls.
The orange dinosaur head is from a heart shaped cutter.

I only hope to get good enough to decorate cute cookies for
grandchildren and the occasional gift.

This week Jenn and I are going to attempt Steeler's emblem cookies
for the Super Bowl.
(pictures to follow)

When I am not doing farm chores, or farm blog, or cooking,
I am working on a flannel raggy quilt for my grandson,
Who wants to sew, when this handsome little guy is around?

The fabric is a bug print with coordinating primary colors...
This will be a quick and easy project.
I hope to share some instructions with you in the near future.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Decorating With Collections

I love antiques...


Is this because I, too, am an antique??

Well, whatever the reason...
I love to use antiques in my decorating,
with different rooms carrying different themes.

Right now the kitchen is home to my kitchen scale collection.

Each one of these vintage beauties is different.
Most are still useful...that is if you need to weigh anything...
which I don't.
So, for me they only serve the purpose of "eye candy".

This is perhaps my favorite.
I found it this past summer at an antique shop on the Delaware shore.

It is an old deli scale...
just like I remember as a child in our little neighborhood grocery store.

A few favorites are display pieces...

the rest sit atop our kitchen cabinets.

This one is a favorite and resides on the breakfast bar...
holding a soy candle on one side, 
and quite often fresh fruit on the other.

I think what I love most about antiques, 
is how they stand the test of time.
I wonder how much of our cheaply made "stuff" of today
will be able to boast the same.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


At some point in the past few weeks,
unfortunately, post Christmas wrapping time,
I came upon this idea for home made 

I just love it!
Another opportunity to forgo the stores and create something myself.

I have decided to never buy wrapping essentials again.
I will re-use, recycle, re-purpose
in an effort to decrease my carbon footprint
and be awesomely creative!!

So, today I got out some old piano lesson books,
cut them into strips,
folded them so...

hot glued paper, fingers and work surface...

and created


I just love them.
 I used strips of paper that were 1 inch wide and 4 inches long.
Varying the size of the strip will determine the size of the bow.
The possibilities are limitless.
I imagine bows from old magazines....colorful and shiny,
sheet music,
funny papers...

Oh, the possibilities are endless.
And how about adding some glitter to these bows???

 Any excuse to use glitter!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The holidays are behind us.

The decorations are stowed.
The non-holiday homey farmhouse decor is restored.
Christmas cookies are but a faint memory.

But cookies, themselves are a wonderful treat any time of year,
don't you think?
What could be better for satisfying a sweet tooth than a cookie.
After all, you only have to eat one, right?
Oh, if it were just that simple!

I wanted to share a new book that I purchased with you.
If you love cookies, like I love cookies,
this book is for you!

Today I made these delicious chocolate cookie pretzels...
a recipe from my new book.

I mixed up the dough,
making one modification....
adding walnuts for Hubbs.

rolled the dough out into a long roll,

then twisted it up like a pretzel.

Crystal sugar and kosher salt crystals on the tops,
and into the oven...

Absolutely adorable, and delicious too.

 Here is the recipe for you....
(Click on the recipe for a larger version.)

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