Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh my goodness, how long has it been since I have sewn something?

(Seems like months!)
Somehow in the past two days I snuck in a little sewing time...
probably because the garden is planted,
it has rained each day (no watering needed to be done),
the house is clean and the laundry is done.

Every day while I am out doing tasks around the farm,
I envision what type of apron would be the perfect "can-do" 
apron for farmgirls of all types.

Inspired by my beloved chickens,
(I love the cheerful chicken and sunny side up egg fabrics.)
I came up with this everyday-chore-apron,
with ample and deep pockets....
perfect for bringing in the day's garden fare,
or for collecting eggs,
or even for holding lots of clothespins while hanging the laundry.
There's even a small pocket sewn in to the side for a cell phone.

I can think of tons of uses each and every day!
This one is for sale HERE,
but I think I'll have to make another just for me!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Projects

This adorable wreath adorns the front of my garden shed.
Although this particular wreath was a gift to me,
I think it would be amazingly easy to construct.

An old garden hose, some silk flowers and a bow....
and voila....

Secondly, I have seen this next project in magazines lately,
and on other blogs.
It's a simple, inexpensive project.

Simply.....hammer an old silver plated spoon until it is flat.
(a mallet works best)

Stamp the letters with metal stamps
and use permanent ink to stain the letters.

I was working on an old tree stump...

Until Edith came over and started to steal my spoons.

These are now in my herb garden.....

If you are interested in making these, you will need a set of metal letter stamps
which you can find on Ebay for $10 a set.
Spoons are easy to come by and cheap at your local thrift store / flea market.

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