Sunday, March 27, 2011

Farm Baking

The return of cold wintry weather

gave me the opportunity to direct my attention to the kitchen.  
Baking took the place of gardening this past week.

I tried a new recipe from my favorite cookie book...
Spritz butter cookies with a dark chocolate filling.
So, so good!
I think they would be perfect for a tea party or shower.
They are so easy and quick, too!

Any time I come across "bee" items for the kitchen,
I cannot resist.
I found a pan to make this yummy almond cake...

Each honeycomb section is the perfect portion size.

The recipe is a keeper, too!

Whole grain dough, rising....

yielded three loaves of delicious bread.

This weekend three of our kids came to cook Saturday dinner.
I only wish I had taken pictures....
we had the yummiest pretzel rolls for our 
local, pasture raised beef and goat cheese burgers.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Horsing Around

It's a little early for Easter cookies,

but they're coming.

I was in the mood, nonetheless, to make some
Scottish Shortbread cookies...
I like how these turned out.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Treasure

We've discussed my love for antiques previously.
To me, a perfect day is one in which I escape to one of
several favorite antique malls and lose myself 
amidst the displays.

Today was just such a day.
By the end of my treasure hunting
I had found this beauty.

It is an old iron candy machine
and it works perfectly.
It was red, but I decided that black would
look perfect in my kitchen....
so a coat of paint later, this is what it looks like.

M&M's are something we always keep in the house.
The kids expect it.
So now we have the perfect place to keep them.

Each turn of the handle dispenses 2 pieces of candy...
a perfect ration for a quick "goody" fix!
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