Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Little Time Away

Life has gotten so busy these past few months....with a flurry of activity around the farm.... construction and farm work have made sewing a thing of the past but definitely something to look forward to. Hopefully once we have moved and settle in, gotten the harvest preserved and all the other necessities done, I will once again return to my sewing room for a little creative time.

Hubbs and I did manage to get away last weekend. Our two sons will be living together in Charlotte, NC. R will be moving in with A. So, last week, we packed R's belongings into our truck and drove 7 1/2 hours to A's house for a weekend visit. We left early in the morning so that we would have a little time to explore. Our plan was to stop in Virginia at the Natural Bridge, as that was something I had never seen. Along the way, we passed the most interesting sign....we had to stop and investigate.
Here is what we saw as we climbed the hill to the left of this sign....Pretty cool, huh? A life-sized replica of Stonehenge....made entirely from styrofoam.This gives you an idea just how big this place is.
We were awed by the grandeur and enormity of the Natural Bridge...carved out of the earth over eons by a tiny creek.
We had a wonderful visit with A and his girlfriend L. We played a little golf, toured a winery, and shared lots of laughs. A treated us to his famous hickory smoked ribs...what a cook he has become!! All in all, it was a great weekend...lots of driving, but well worth it!

Tomorrow we are heading to the beach just for the weekend. Then next Wednesday I leave for Washington State to visit my friend Grace and attend Farm Fair at MaryJane's Farm. WoooooHooooo...should be a blast!


Gerry said...

Oh my gosh, FOAMHENGE - too funny. We'll have to put that one on our list.

If you get a chance, you should try to visit Carhenge in Nebraska.

Thanks for sharing.

Bonne said...

That's incredible!! (Foamhedge) Almost like being at the real thing except for the vibes. Your son's gf reminds me of Scarlett Johanssen~handsome pr those 2. Yeah, long drive but worth seeing the kiddos ;)

Katmom said...

ok, that's histerical!!! Foamhenge!
OK, you will be heading out in just a bit to fly top WA... I'll be waiting at the Terminal for ya...yeehaa! FArm Fair here we come!

Anonymous said...'s been awhile since I've visited your personal blog and I just played catch up...especially enjoyed the pics of Foamhenge and the've become quite the shutterbug along with everything else...Hope your trip to Washington State is all you expected..can't wait to see the pics...

Yarni Gras! said...

FOAMHENGE! too funny......the natural bridge is amazing!

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