Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adventures in Mixed Media

In the midst of another ice storm that hit us on Saturday, 
I decided to create a little Spring for myself.  
Through the use of mixed media, 
I created a scene on a canvas....
a garden...

Suddenly, flowers began to bloom. 
As those blossoms peeked above the picket fence,

 a young lady with curly brown hair 
and a song in her heart appeared in the yard. 

I heard her whistling a little tune.

I think she was going to pick a few flowers...
perhaps for a garden party.
She was certainly dressed in her party attire.

By the time I finished her,
my winter doldrums had passed,
and I found myself whistling a happy little tune.


kpaints said...

She is absolutely adorable! Love her dress and hair! What an artist you are!

countrynmore said...

Great job Bev. You are very creative.

Anonymous said...

She's darling..what fun you must have had making her...What talent

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