Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Rejuvenation

Saturday was spent outdoors. The weather was warm. The sky was clear. The ground was finally drying out. I spent a good deal of time with the goats...brushing O'Malley and harvesting lots of angora wool, and petting and holding our new goat babies. Jack and the girls and I went for a walk through the magic forest (our 88 acre woods) armed with camera and video. All around us were signs of Spring. Some of the brush was beginning to bud, crocus and snow drops were blooming. The wild orchids had broken through the ground. The moss and ferns were bright green. We picked up a rock and found a salamander...not yet ready to venture out of his protected den.The bluebirds were nesting and all around us were the sounds of birds singing their cheeriest songs to attract prospective mates. It was sunny and delightful....making it almost impossible to bear any return to snowy weather.


JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Don't you just love Spring!

I tagged you for a little thing over at my blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

grapes look good enough to eat..

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