Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Just Struck Me Funny!

We were hiking through the woods on Saturday and came upon a tree that Jack had decorated years ago. Seems poor Woody caught a cold and has a runny nose! It is good to know that there are spiders out there with a sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

hope you gave woody a tissue

Autumn said...

Needed a good laugh!!
I need to decorate a few of my trees- what a hoot!
PS Got your lovely card- Sara snatched it right up-I'm certain it will end up framed or collaged -she just loves fairies!!!

Maryjane said...

Oh my goodness Bev! That is funny! Great tree! Hugs, Maryjane Lee

queenofdreamsz said...

Oh, that is so funny! I saw these tree faces in the Cracker Barrel restuarant the other day..They had two different ones..one of them had the mouth open so you could add birdseed :o)

pumpkin seed said...

That is hilarious! I just LOVE it!

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