Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mushroom Study

I thought I would take you on a fairy tour of Bee Haven Acres. I am without a sewing room for the week, so my camera will be my means of self-expression. Have you ever seen so many mushrooms? These pictures were taken as I walked back from the barn this morning. I have not even explored the woods yet to look for these.

I love the color of this one!

Aren't they amazing?

We have had a very moist year here....perfect for mushrooms!


Katmom said...

I luv the fuzzy one(pic#2) and the yellow one.
Are any of them edible?
Enjoy your early morning walks w/Mother Nature, lucky you.

Anonymous said...

they need litle fairies or elves sitting on them



Love these mashrooms!
Are they edible?

~ Gabriela ~

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