Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And the Winner Is.......

Oh my, much to my embarassment, I am late in getting to this "Romance" drawing. I had promised to have a winner on Friday...but new goat babies kept me at the farm for the weekend....and I got a bit behind in my responsibilities. Please forgive me for this delay.
With no further delay...it is my delight to announce the winner of the "Romance" apron was pulled from my special feather hat this morning....and the winner is......
Aunt Pitty Pat
Please contact me with your address...so that I can place this apron in the mail as soon as possible.
Thank you to all who played...it was delightful to read your responses....we are all such romantics, and it is wonderful to know that most of us think the simplest things to be romantic!


Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I am so shocked!!! You mean I really won this fabulous apron???? I can't thank you enough. Its just stunning... I am just thrilled beyond words... thank you so very very much!!!

Mona said...

Oh congrats to you Aunt Pitty Pat!!! You lucky lady!

Bonne said...

Congratulations Aunt Pitty Pat!!!!!!

Memaw's memories said...

Congrats Aunt Pitty.

I was just reading about the bees and realized you are on a working farm.

I have a cousin that along with her husband had a honey business for several years only selling and retiring about two years ago.

Their names are David and Betty Curtis from NE Arkansas. I know you beekeeppers are a tight knit bunch and thought you might accidentally know them.

Katmom said...

Congrats Aunt Pitty Pat,
You are such a lucky lady.
Joann's Fabric sells the Apronology magazine that Bev's apron is featured in. How fun it would be to have it along with your apron...I have a copy of the magazine and they did a wonderful article on Bev's sweet apron.

Neabear said...

I am behind on blog reading, but wanted to let you know I am catching up on yours now. The posts about the bees are very interesting.

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