Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shhhh, It's a Secret!!

When it came time to wrap up a package for a blogland friend, I realized that I had nothing but a small Christmas gift box. So, I got out the scrapbooking papers and stickers and proceeded to redecorate the box. A vintage picture became a gift card. I wonder what is inside the box! Sorry, but it is a secret. I sure hope the recipient likes the contents as well as the box.


klaudia viktoria kimura said...

Wow! Lovely crafts! I love how each craft is carefully designed and made. Cool concept! :)

I also want to share this site, http://www.christinascrafts.com.au/. I love this site. They really got a lot of cool ideas. You may also find interesting stuff here that you will be needing for your next projects. That's why I thought of sharing this to you. :)

Katmom said...

you are so clever and creative!
I wish I could have thought to re-purpose my packages.....but then everything you touch turns out soooo cute!
girlfriend hugz
p.s. we've been getting rains...how about you?

Anonymous said...

I would be happy just to get the box even if it were empty..it's a treasure in itself

Bonne said...

Oh, geez, that turned out so adorable!! Somebody's in for a treat. :)

electricdunce said...

What a lovely home you have, just spectacular. The rooms really sing, and the Elmeer Fudd outfit is the perfect touch. The thought of a building with 400 antique dealers in it sounds very dangerous...but fun.


Tina- said...

how creative you are. that looks so pretty. someone will be in for a treat. by the way..your home looks lovely.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...


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