Sunday, May 9, 2010

Future Projects

For those of you who asked about rooster aprons....

How do you like these fabrics??
Let me know if they might work...

I just had to pick up these fabrics.
How cute will these be in a vintage style kitchen apron?



Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Loving the fabric Bev! Happy Mother's Day dear!


Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

Wow - fantastic! Love the fabric!

kpaints said...

Love them all! The cherries are the cutest, as I love the vintage seed look! Have fun!

Lady Farmer said...

I just love all those fabrics ~ especially the chichen wire one! Where do you find your cute fabrics? We never seem to have anything new or different around here. :~{

countrynmore said...

Great prints Bev. I recognize some of those fabrics. I have never seen the top print (cherry print) before. Love it.

Anonymous said...

love the first ones

Cathy said... the butternut one and also the lower right one (paprika and black looking cells). How is that for a description!! All in the top picture.

Katmom said...

hey Bev,
love all the fabrics,,,the Blk/wht & red Roosters & eggs fabrics especially. I used both and made a Mary Malauri reversable apron for Heather. The print was just too cute and she luvs hens/roosters & chick type prints so it was just perfect.
I love all the new themed print allows our imagaination soar to heights of creativity & silliness! lol!

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