Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rooster Apron

I love chickens.
I am always drawn to chicken fabric.
This fabric has a bit of whimsy to it.
I used two colors of the same fabric for a reversible apron...
trimmed with chicken wire companion fabric.
Homemade bias tape ties it all together.

Ok, so back to the sewing room.
I am trying to whittle away at my sewing stash.
Afterall, if I make a few aprons and sell a few aprons....
I can renew my stash!!

What chicken fabric will I find next?


countrynmore said...

Love the apron Bev. I know what you mean about stash. I can open up a fabric store with mine. Well, I should I did open up a fabric store with my stash. A gift from my sons for Mother's Day. Yeah!

If only I could have restraint like you.

Michle said...

Beverly, I love your chicken aprons. Tell me how you make you own bias tape. Do you use a bias tape maker?


Nina Suria said...

Love the aprons.. u allways inspired me, alot :)

btw I just bought a chicken fabric n it reminds me of u ;)


Anonymous said...

this one ranks up there with my favorites...great apron..love your new format.very fitting..wish I had your imagination..guess it's better that I don't...I'd always be in trouble

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