Sunday, September 12, 2010

Henhouse Decor

Autumn is soon upon us.

And with Autumn comes pumpkins and gourds
and Halloween decor.
For now, though, the style of my dining room is...
"Early Henhouse"!

My dining room table arrangement is an old chicken feeder.

The sideboard has gone to the birds,
with an old egg carrier, egg scale and clay chicken.

There is an old egg basket hanging inside the door,

and the quilts on the wall are the perfect accompaniment.

Very soon I will replace these items with Fall decor.
But for now....
a tribute to my gals in the henhouse!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

I think I remember when you made these wall hangings. I love all the chicken stuff. ♥

I can hardly believe that it's almost October {again} And can you believe I've been in the house now for 16 months! Geesh, I'd love to know where the time goes so I could go get it back..hee hee


Lady Farmer said...

I love your 'Henhouse' decor! I think it is perfect for fall just as it is! But it will be fun to see what you do when you change it! Beautiful, I'm sure!

Anke said...

I love your 'early henhouse' decor, very pretty! Your wall hangings are great, you are so talented!

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