Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In Love With Linen

I have no idea why,

but I absolutely love linen.
I love the natural feel, 
the crispness (when ironed),
how it drapes (when not).

I have had this small piece of linen
for some time now....
waiting for some project.

Of apron,
in the farmgirl style,
but dressed up like she's serving tea...
with antique crochet lace around the neckline

and adorning each pocket.

I think I will call this one...
"Autumn Rose Tea Apron"
Now to list it in my shop...


Valerie said...

I LOVE this apron! It is beautiful. I have enjoyed looking at your blog. I hope to read more when I get more time.

kpaints said...

Very have so much is oozing out everywhere!

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