Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun With Half-Aprons

In between gardening and other home projects, I have tried to sit and sew for about an hour each day. In the past few days I have tried several different half-apron ideas that have been percolating in my thoughts. I am attempting to wade through all of the fabric that I have stashed away in the past year. It is always good to downsize. At the present, I am only accomplishing a transformation....
Now, if I could only sell the aprons and bags that I have made, then I would truly be downsizing. Here are a few pictures of this week's aprons. The first is a reversible laundry apron with large, roomy pockets for clothespins.

The second is just a half apron....one-sided, ruffled...sort of that French Country look.

I had a blast using fancy stitches on my embroidery machine to finish this apron.

And Yes, MJ....these are all on my Etsy, now!

This is my favorite. The bottom edge is scalloped and it is reversible. I love its flirty lines and the bright floral print.So, if I never sell any of these aprons, at least I will have the biggest apron wardrobe I know. Perhaps I will have to have an apron closet added to my home!! Otherwise...look out, you just might be receiving an apron for your next important holiday.


Autumn said...

I wish I was sewing- but alas life details remain to be tended!!!

That floral scalloped edge half apron is adorable!!!

Wish I hadn't committed to tightening the budget just a couple months ago- I'd be buying!!!
Oh well- looking is free and I am STILL enjoying the apron you sent me several months ago!
Sooner or later I will try to make another!

Anonymous said...

love the half aprons..very cute..who cares if your shirt gets messy???

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

LLLOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE these aprons Bev! Where do you get your BIG ric rac? I have been looking for ages for some!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Just went to your Etsy store and didn't find these aprons...just wondering if you will ever sell the PINK/blue one? I am very interested at any cost! I can help you down size really fast!


Bonne said...

Oh, I love all your new aprons!! So Jazzy! So Snazzy!
I made several shawls in anticipation of a craft fair that I wound up unable to attend, so yes, they are getting distributed for various "occasions" ~LOL (as you well know.) I've found that I just can't hang on to all the things I make~it depresses my desire to keep creating , unless I "move" them. Sold or gifted, it doesn't matter~they just need a new home. ;) hugs, B

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