Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Apron Giveaway

Happy Holidays from Bee Haven Acres!
I have been working like an elf these past few weeks
finishing gifts, shopping and wrapping.
My packages are in the mail.
A home-made Christmas is planned for the most part.

I would like to offer one last apron give-away for the year,
as a thank you to all of you who visit me here on my blogs
and leave such sweet comments.

I have met so many wonderful readers this year...I hope to meet even more in the
coming year.

Please leave me a comment to enter this giveaway...
and tell me your favorite tradition during the Christmas season.
If you are not a blogger, simply send me your comment in an e-mail and I will enter your name.
I will enlist Hubbs to pick one lucky name from our hat on Wednesday, December 17th.
Please check back next Wednesday for a posting of the winner.

That person will receive this apron in the mail :

Happy Holidays, Dear Friends!


K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

Wow I get to enter first. Thank you so much for making this wonderful generous offer to a lucky lady. I hope it's me.. Your apron is really festive.

Proud Farmgirl #195 said...

Bev you always have such delightful aprons with so much flair. I am sure they are a thrill for girls everywhere.

Princess Of Pink said...

OhMyGosh what a pretty apron again.
I wanna try again, lol.

My Christmas tradition: to be honest we at home didn't have a real tradition because we didn't celebrate Christmas the way the USA and many other countries do. We always celebrated Sinterklaas on Dec. 5.
But since the kids (my brothers and me) were grown, mom and I celebrated Christmas together, bought little gifts for eachother and just had a quiet day together. Sometimes my brothers invited us over, but most of the time we were just the 2 of us. SO no real traditions.

But now, living alone for the first time, I have decided to create my own tradition, starting this year.
I have bought a cute little tree, very little, lol. I decorated it with PINK little ornaments, lights and put it next to the pictures of our mom, our father and my oldest brother. They passed away and I thought it would be nice to put a little tree next to their pictures. As a way of "honoring" them, being part of MY Christmas.
I will light it every day, pray for them and wish them a Happy Christmas.That way they are with me, even though they are not "with me" in person but they are in spirit and thought.

Sorry this is so long.
Hugs from Marian

Linda in NEPA said...

sign me up for contest....hope this comment worked!

Jan and Tom said...

Hi Bev...

I'd LOVE to win one of your aprons...especially this lovely Christmas add to my collection of 2 that I've purchased from you. That's so nice of you to offer one in a Give-Away.

I have a Give-Away I just posted about on our blog...come by and enter.


Ruth said...

Oh! This apron is gorgeous!!! You are so talented. I would love a chance to win this. Put me on the list and tell hubby to pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee pick me!!!LOL

Alee said...

My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas Tree.

We would all pile in the the car go pick out a Tree. We would walk up and down rows of trees, all smelling wonderful! It would be dusk or dark and oh so cold! We kids would rush around trying to find one that was full whose needles weren't "too pokey".

Then dad would wrestle it on top of the car where it would be strapped down.

At home we would get it into the stand and aligned straight.

We would dig out all the family heirloom ornaments. Each family member had their private box, and then there were 2-3 boxes of family ornaments.

We would listen to Christmas music, and then- when it was finally done, we would turn off all the lights except the tree. There was a certain magic in that tree. Different ornaments would cast different glows and there was that pattern on the ceiling from lights shining through the branches.

The house would smell like pine. We would have the Christmas bubble lights and the snowy village scene out.

Now I am excited to put up Christmas decorations!! :D And the Christmas apron is beautiful! I will keep my fingers crossed!

smoothiejuice said...

My very favorite holiday tradition is to give the kids a bath on Christmas Eve, get them in their cozy pjs and snuggle em all up on the couch, then my hubs reads the Tasha Tudor illustrated version of Night Before Christmas. Afterwards all the kids add their name to a note left for Santa next to the cookies, and up to bed they go...then the mayhem begins! And gifts come out of hiding from every closet to be left under the tree for Christmas morning.

MessyJessy said...

Such beautiful blog. I love the vintage pics. :)
OOh I get to be first post. Please enter me in your drawing. I'd love to give it a home. :)
HUGS from CRsHelpmeet (Jessie) @ MJFarm

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Bev!

One thing we loved to do right after Thanksgiving was gather the family and drive 2 hours away from home to a huge tree farm. We would cut our own 15 ft. Christmas tree down ourseleves (lots of fun videos & pictures taken) and 2extras trees to drop off at someones door! We would ring the doorbell and run! While at the tree farm, we always had a tailgate picnic and sang Christmas carols all the way home!

Please add me to your WONDERFUL drawing!!!


Rabbithorns said...

What a beautiful apron! My favorite Christmas tradition is two-fold. My first is filling the advent calendar on the night of November 30th. The kids go to bed and then I tie little gifts I've collected all year to the loops on the calendar which is a muslin and felt Santa. The loops are on his bag. I made it when my son was 2 and my youngest wouldn't let us retire this tradition until she moved out last year at 18. My other favorite is attending Christmas eve service with communion at St. Matthew's church in Tucson. I guess one tradition is for my family and the other is God's gift to me. Merry Christmas everybody! Allison

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Bev, First before I forget, I love the pillow below.
I'll post about your giveaway, which is awesome and please put my name in.
I'm having one, but it's just new magazines if your interested pop over.
Merry Christmas,

Zan Asha said...

Wow, Bev, you are amazing. Run a farm AND create this gorgeousness? The apron is stunning!

My Christmas tradition is helping Mama make European holiday cookies. They are all hand done, full sugar, flour..the works. My sister and I used to help grind nuts through an old fashioned mill, and also help dip dried fruit and nuts in chocolate. It was a lot of work but fun, and gave us time with our mother, which was the best reward!

Anonymous said...

That is a great apron Bev and Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Carrie (cinnamongirl)

Anonymous said...

That is a great apron Bev
Hope you have a Great Christmas!!
Carrie (cinnamongirl)

monica said...

Bev, the apron is beautiful! And who knows maybe I will get picked for it to come live at my house!

ranchmama said...

Oh Boy, I get to be first to comment! ;)

My fav tradition, is pulling strings. My grandma has a tall china hutch. Every year she wraps little presents and puts them on top of the hutch with long ribbon hanging down. At one point durning the Christmas Day, everyone who is there, gathers around and at the count of 3, pulls a string. Then for a few minutes it's a mad dash to unwrap your present and then try to trade with someone else. We moved away and don't get to participate, but when my mom came out to visit last year, my grandma sent 7 little presents for us to pull on my hutch. It meant a lot to me :)

Thanks for the great giveaway..

Beverly said...

Ok, I have added Linda (Yarnmama) and Janiee (Waco, TX) to the drawing! I love reading all of your is really getting me in the spirit!

Beverly said...

Thanks for the email, Gramadinah....I entered your name also! Merry Christmas to you!

Kris said...

Beverly, I LOVE all your aprons, but the Tutti Fruitti is so cute! I am still thinking about that one. You do such beautiful work. Even the men's aprons are cute.

As for traditions, I have started a new one a few years ago. I let my 3 little granddaughters decorate the tree. We also go to a tree farm and get one there. But the kids always want to put all the ornaments on. It is so lopsided, but I love it. And it gets put up that way, which helps me out.

How do you have time to do all you do? You must never stop.

I'd love to be entered in your drawing. Thanks for doing this.

Merry Christmas, Kris

Joanne Kennedy said...

That has to be one of the best Christmas aprons I've ever seen. Please add my name to your giveaway drawing. I would so love to win.

I'm going to list your giveaway on my blog for you....even though I would like to tell no one so I have a better chance at winning. But, I'm all about being nice this time of year....don't want Santa knowing I wasn't. LOL


Denise said...

What a generous giveaway and a very beautiful apron. How pretty this style is.
Please enter me in your drawing.

Denise said...

oh Bev,
I forgot to share my most favorite tradition. We always put our tree on my son's birthday (Dec. 2nd). It started 21 years ago when he was born.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Bev, it's me again and I forgot to put my tradition down. It has change so, since Mom and Dad are gone. They were the rock that got all the Aunts, uncles, cousins together. I guess our main event is to have a cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus. The kids really like that.
Merry Christmas,

Wendy Hubbard said...

I've been blog rolling tonight and just found your GORGEOUS aprons!!! What a generous give away. Please enter me. I have way too many traditions to list, but I have to say I really enjoy Christmas music. Sounds kind of corny I know, but it always gives me chills and reminds me of the real meaning of Christmas!~ Wendy

lavendar fields dreamer said...

hey bev love your aprons they are beautiful... one of my favorite traditions is that we go as a family to pic out a tree and cut it down.

lavendar fields dreamer said...

oh i also forgot the kids favorite tradition is the fact that on christmas eve they get to sleep under the tree

passion2sew (Lalli) said...

Are you really going to give-away this Apron!! I will be damn lucky if I ever win this one. I follow your blog everyday and love all your creations.
My christmas tradition is to give something for my daughter's school, either books for the entire class or something like that, this time I made bags for all 20 students in her class and gifted them.

DianaK said...

First of all, thank you for your generous giveaway. I have always admired your aprons and think they are truly works of art!

My favorite traditions were when we were kids, we would go downtown where all of the store windows were decorated with Christmas villages,animated figures, trains, lights, etc. Then it was off to the main department store, where they always had one of the floors done up in a winter wonderland theme that you could walk through on the way to see Santa. Afterwards we'd go and have lunch at a cafeteria.

We also would on Christmas Eve drive all over town looking at the house lights and decorations before going to my grandparent's home.


Anonymous said...

Such a festive apron! I always love visiting your blog! Send some snow to Georgia!

Miss Dana

Ruth said...

Oh! my goodness!! I was so excited about the apron I forgot to leave my favorite tradition.

Our favorite thing to do is set up the decorations on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We always have so much fun. Of course, I love baking with the kids and we always build a gingerbread house and I let the kids at their touches to each side. It looks so cute when they're done and so different.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I would LOVE that apron!!!

Laura - Mommyswanson

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say one of our favorite holiday traditions is the Advent calendar & lighting the advent wreath in the evening. It causes us to slow down & come together as a family & really connect about what the true meaning of Christmas is. With all the hustle & bustle of shopping, school & church programs & all the other demands of having two school-agers it is nice to find a quiet moment in our day.

Laura - Mommyswanson

Bonne said...

Whooo hoooo! Add my name to the punch bowl! I was wearing my cowgirl apron today and got nice comment from my mailman~Maybe I'll win one for his wife ;)
My fav tradition the past few years has been my hubbie's crock pot ham that he makes every year for Xmas. He's a fab cook. hugs, Bonne

Jenna Z said...

I love baking all sorts of cookies and breads and making candy! I always make assortment packages for all the neighbors, postman, garbage man, library, etc. I love making them up all pretty and delivering them!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

It's lovely, please add me too. I'd love to win this for the holidays! Thanks!

KKJD1 said...

Me! Me! Id love that beauty! One of our tradions start tommorow 12 dys b4 Christmas we start opening 1 stocking stuffer each nite until Christmas. It helps keep the kids occupied. Ok adults too! Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings, karen

Beverly said...

Also entered via email....Bridget and soapmommy (Ann). Thanks so much for sharing your traditions!

Oh, this is so much fun!!

Beverly said...

Hugs right back at you Mima!!! You are added to the list....along with your pizza tradition. Yum!!

MessyJessy said...

hehe-- having a toddler-mom moment..forgot to post my favorite holiday tradition.... When DH and I got married, we spent Christmas day with my extended family so Christmas Eves were all our own. We would have a pretty candlelight dinner and Christmas music, that we HAD to dance at least once to. Then it was our favorite Christmas movie with hot cocoa and then we opened gifts from each other. :)
We still do parts of that, though the dancing and candlelight has dwindled some for the children, but every season of life brings a new tradition. I can't wait to see what each new Christmas brings!

Beverly said...

Blogless Sandy from Long are most definitely entered in the drawing. Thanks for visiting!!

Lyda S said...

Your Aprons are lovely,
I have been searching the internet for aprons like these.
Thanks for offering this beautiful Apron.
Hope I win

Mona said...

Thank you for such a lovely apron giveaway opportunity! I'll post it on my blog at the Apronista.

Our family Christmas tradition: making Christmas candy and many different kinds! One needs an apron for that sweet task. ;) So please enter my name into Santa's hat.

Merry Christmas Bev!

jenny said...

oh my please enter me in to this giveaway i love to well win a christmas apron and well i think your aprons are realy cute and sweet thanks

jenny said...

wow i realy do like them all realy nice please enter me in for this and well i have you now on my feed list too

CC said...

Ooooo, what a scrumptiously beautiful apron. Oh my,I want to win...please pick my name, pick me, pick me.
Our traditions are simple..the gathering of my family on Christmas Eve..all my grandchildren, the food and the laughter. It's a warm, snuggly happy feeling. I am content.

GardenGoose said...

one thing that I love doing every year is setting out our little lighted village pieces on the buffet.the children love them... and now that my little 4 yr old can understand things a bit more she absolutely loved looking in the windows of the lighted houses this year. And looking at my fiber optic skate pond scene/village...and we usually decorate the tree the day after Thanksgiving..and I make a point to let the children decorate most of the tree all by themselves. (although this year we didn't set up a Christmas tree/we got rid of it this past Summer in anticipation of putting house on market) but..the village had to be brought out. And of course we have hot cocoa and just enjoy being a family.I also let the kids help me wrap the presents for their dad too. They really enjoy things like that. Just nice family togetherness.
Wishing you and yours a lovely Holiday.

Michelle said...

What a lovely apron! My favorite tradition is unpacking our nativity with our children as we read the Christmas story form the bible. It keeps the rest of the craziness in perspective.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

We always like to ride around all over town and look at everyone's decorations at night every year.

Oh and please enter me in your giveaway . I adore your aprons !


My first time here,came over from Jan and Toms place, and how excited to see your lovely aprons can a girl get? I am going to come back and browse around..... And my favorite christmas tradition has to be,although it is so hard to pick, is leaving the "Magic Key" girls think that Santa gets in with the Magic Key we leave for the elves...a long ago tradition! And now that my girls are 26 and 29...they still believe that "key" holds the delights of Christmas!

Danielle&Hannah said...

Hi there from Australia!
I would say that my favourite tradition is to go with my daughter to look at all the christmas lights and nativity settings in people's front yards. We do this every year and literally hundreds of people walk through the streets with their families enjoying the neighbourhood lighting. It is such a lovely family time on a warm summer's - Australian evening! Thank you for accepting my post. All the best to the winner :-) You are a very talented sewer!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Your apron is so lovely and I'd love to be included in your drawing.

I'm having a drawing on my blog for an apron, too, tomorrow evening ~ though I'm afraid it is not nearly as pretty as yours. But I'd love to have you stop by if you can.

Wishing you joy,

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I almost forgot ... one of our favorite traditions is giving each child an ornament every year in their stocking so that when they grow up and make their own homes, they'll have a collection of "memories" for their own trees.


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

your designs are just stunning !!

Melissa Wertz said...

Oh I hope it is not too late!!! It is a beautiful apron. Please enter me in the drawing. Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

Oh darn I bet I am too late! My favorite tradition is baking with my kids and listening to Christmas music! Enjoying your blog, I will visit frequently!

Merry Christmas!

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