Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unfinished projects...

Here is the wall hanging that I am making for Hubbs. This morning I finished the embroidery (of the poem) while using a flashlight. It was before the sun rose and we had a power outage due to a windstorm. So...with flashlight between my ear and my shoulder I finished stitching.
The power returned just in time for me to finish stitching the rest of the quilt. Now to throw it on the quilting machine and do the actual quilting.
I love this has so much meaning for us right now:

We take a tree
Or many trees, as our own,
Respecting the stories they contain
And the lives they have led.
Of them we create a dwelling,
Made beautiful by their presence and strength
And we live within their warm embrace in a place called home.
~Joella DeVillier


Katmom said...

You are so right, this is the perfect verse for you & DH at this time of your life.

Anonymous said...

another the colors

smoothiejuice said...

reminds me of the "grandfather tree" book

Neabear said...

Oh my! Did you get a crick in your neck holding that flashlight? I will miss this blog until you come back.

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