Saturday, August 22, 2009

What's On Your Kitchen Windowsill?

I always try to keep something very cheerful on the windowsill above my kitchen sink. In the summertime, it is my collection of antique aqua glass bottles. I started this collection when my children were very small. My first bottles came from my daughter's friend's father, who had the hobby of excavating backyard trash pits. Many years ago, long before Waste Management came into existence, people would dig a pit in their back yard and bury their old household items, such as used bottles, old dishes, etc. Excavating these pits, especially here in the East, can be a lucrative hobby. From that point on, I found them on occasion in antique markets.

The object in the farm right corner is an antique bottle capper.

Keeping blossoms in these bottles reminds me of how I would pick violets or dandelions when I was a child and bring bouquets home for my Mother. She would always find some little vase to place them in and up on the kitchen windowsill they would go. This same scenario was played out again when I had my own children...memories of a truly sweet time.

Come Fall, I will put these bottles away and bring out something for Halloween. For Winter....some of my snowman collection. For Spring.....who knows!

What is on your kitchen windowsill?


Neabear said...

My windowsill is not big enough to hold anything. It is even with the counter with only a couple of inches on the other side of the faucets. But sometimes next to the sink I put a bud vase with a rose in it.

Katmom said...

luv UR lil vintage bottles & capper..I have a red one, stashed away in the kitchen cabinet,,,as I have no wherew to display it...hmm, I just might have to make room for it & my glass butter churn...
Your home is coming along beautifully....I LUV that deck, what a wonderful place to relax w/hubby & nice glass of huckleberry wine....

Carol............. said...

That idea for the towel is great!
Things are looking fantastic.

Ruth said...

I love those bottles. They are so pretty. They look great with the flowers on your window sill.


Anonymous said...

Hi your work is beautiful , I love!

Yarni Gras! said...

lovely collection! hmmmmm, nothing, we don't have a kitchen windowsill in this house....but in the last home, I had loads of herbs...yum

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