Friday, October 30, 2009

Cast Iron Favorites

The latest edition of MaryJane's Farm Magazine arrived in today's mail.
At the very end of the magazine was a page that spoke to me.
Those of you who know me know that I have a passion for all things old....especially old and useful. On the top of that list is old cast iron kitchen tools. I have been collecting these gems for years now and proudly display them all over my kitchen and pantry. I thought I would share a few with you.

My all time favorite peeler....isn't she lovely?
This little sprite thumbing his nose is a cigar cutter.
I just cannot resist old coffee grinders....and I don't even drink coffee!
This one is a Husqvarna...just like the chainsaw and those wonderful sewing machines!
My favorite of is this one heavy!
This one is mounted on the wall. That little iron cup that hangs beneath it detaches. Who'd believe there could be so many variations of one particular tool!
Is there anything better for cooking than cast iron cookware?
My favorite everyday aprons hang from this cast iron pig.
My pantry serves as home for the rest of the pieces...
The round green tool on the bottom shelf is a green been make French cut green beans!


Autumn said...

I love all of them- but the green are my favorite! Aren't they wonderful???

countrynmore said...

Nice collection Bev. I like the way that you have everything displayed.

karen said...

Wow, you do have a fetish for rot iron. I have the french bean maker and some other grinders but I have taken them all down to paint. Yes, I am painting again....I am thinking of doing all the trim as well as the ceiling in the kitchen and dining room. :D Your collection looks wonderful in the kitchen.

Bonne said...

The first time I actually peeled an apple on a peeler I wanted to shout out loud to anyone that would listen, "OMG! this thing is amazing!!" lol It's fascinating how fast they peel then kick it off. Awesome collection~love the other cast iron too~we cook with it regularly.

Ruth said...

Those are so great. I love them all!! You have some wonderful treasures.


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