Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dressing Henrietta

Henrietta Butterfield is my vintage dress form. At the present moment she is sporting one of my vintage fabric aprons and a darling hat that I found at a local antique mall. This is the front of the hat....something I could see Audrey Hepburn wearing.
And this is the back of the hat....darling! Around Henrietta's neck is this bit of fluff that was perhaps part of a victorian mourning outfit. Dressing Henrietta is a work in progress. I found these vintage crinolines on Ebay and am currently bidding on them....I think they would make a great addition to Henrietta's eclectic style of dress!


Bonne said...

I wonder if anyone makes/sells those can-cans anymore. Probably have to ck Clown supply shops....LOL Actually, you need those under those 50's style of retro dresses to make them look right. She's coming right along!!

Anonymous said...

vintage!!! I guess...we wore those in high school!! Now I really feel antiquated

Autumn said...

Oh my- Henrietta is gonna be a bombshell!!!!

Katmom said...

hahah! luv the hat, luv the crinoline & luv UR blog!

karen said...

Wow, that is perfect!!! Yes, Audrey would have worn that hat! She did didn't she? Yes, those crinolines are from the 50's and I wore those as a little girl. I could sit on a little stool and cover up by big feet with my very full skirt! :D

Ruth said...

Hanrietta is looking wonderful. She is ready for a night out.


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