Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Tour....Day One

The first stop on our Christmas tour is our master bedroom.
A red and white quilt has replaced the floral quilt and Santa's abound. A couple of weeks ago I found these two red corduroy pillows in a local antique market. They reminded me of the pillows that graced our sofa as a child. My mother had made pillows almost identical to these. In fact, that year she made them and gave them as Christmas presents. Seeing these two red pillows brought back a flood of childhood I just had to buy them.
Two wooden Santa profiles hang on either side of our bedroom window
and frame the bird feeders that hang outside.
This wooden Santa tag hangs on the wall inside the is about 30 inches tall.
I just love vintage Santas!
Something about this Santa's face reminds me of my Dad in his older years.
The tree is decorated with handmade vintage look ornaments
that I spent the past week finishing.
I printed vintage images, adhered them to wood and cut them out.
Glitter, tinsel and wire hangers were added.
A few of my favorite Santas are placed around the room.
A whimsical elf sits atop my jewelry armoire.
Unpacking the Christmas decorations is like saying hello to
old friends that you haven't seen for a year!
I just love this jolly fellow....


Autumn said...

FUN tour!!!!!!!!
I love the twiggy tree!!!!!

Katmom said...

Oh Bev,
I luv the wooden Saint Nick profiles on your well as the sweet vintage looking post cards that adorn your tree.....
Oh, it beginning to look a lot like Christmas....falalala!

Teresa said...

I love the look. And I agree that unpacking my Christmas decorations is like seeing a friend I haven't seen for a year - I can't wait to greet my old friends! I also remember having pillows like your red ones, what fun! And can you remind me again where you get your vintage photos to use for your crafts? Can't wait to see the rest of your home. :-)

Beverly said...

Teresa, I find a lot of my graphics online at the Vintage Workshop and also free ones at Do a search for free vintage'll find a lot out there!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I love your home. It is so charming and cozy. I would love to be able to switch things out for different holidays and seasons, but I have so much stuff stuff around that it would just be overwhelming. I am feeling the need to pare down big time. Everything you've done down to the ornaments on the tree is just so charming. Blessings to you! I look forward to the rest of the tour. Best wishes :) Tammy

Anke said...

Bev, your Santa collection is so pretty. I've been collecting Santas for many years now, but I find there is always room for one more. Don't you agree? Beautiful Christmas decorations in your home!

Karen said...

Love it! I really like the two santa's on both sides of the window. Your woodwork is beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

Loks like you're having a fun time..Enjoy!!! Looks good down to every detail

Bonne said...

OMG! Those are "Aunt Mary's" pillows!! Flood of memories for me as well~I used to like to run my hands over the folds and pleats. lol

Queen of Dreamsz said...

How pretty! I love the Santa profiles. :0)

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