Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long Live the Queen!!

(It's good to be Queen for a day...even if it's just in my mind)
Today is the day. 
The Queen has declared it so. 
Wednesday is to be crafting day here at
 Bee Haven Acres. 
For months now, I have busied myself with house and farm chores
 and crafting has gone by the wayside. 
What I have realized is that if I don't set aside a regular time for crafting,
 my sewing machine will grow old and dusty. is the day. 
The house is clean, the animals are fed, the barn is swept. 
The snow is melting!!! 
There is just nothing that should need my attention for the next few hours. 
I am turning the computer off and the music on.......... 
The adventure begins!


countrynmore said...

Good for you. I sewed yesterday. I can't to see what your creativity spurs today.

Sharon said...

Be sure to post some pictures of your finished projects! Always best to make time for the things you love. It is good for the spirit.

Sandy said...

Love the photo of Queen Bev! I got a good laugh. Now that I am blogging I am finding that it takes a good chuck out of my day. My guest bathroom window isn't finished yet. I liked a toile black and white pattern shade I saw in the Country Curtains catalog but the shade is too short. So, I'm thinking about sewing one. I have the fabric and I just have to buy the black ribbon to outline it. I'll have to dust off my sewing machine. First to measure and measure again! Between watching the Olympics and crocheting and everything else around the house I have been busy. And some day I want to get my clarinet out and start playing again. I may have to set up a schedule like you are doing. I'm looking forward to seeing your crafts! PS - tomorrow I'm posting a photo of me petting a sheep!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Julie said...

You go girl!

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