Monday, April 26, 2010

Gourmet Soda Crackers

Self sufficiency is something that excites me.
If I can make something, rather than buy it,
I am quite happy.

We have really tried to change our diet over the past few years.
Self-sufficiency and growing our own food helps this
When I do have something to buy, I balance my choices
by either buying local or organic...and both whenever I can.

I have tried to stop buying anything processed.
I have made my own bread this year...for the most part.
I make my own biscotti.

So, why not crackers??

I made these Italian soda crackers last evening.
They are quite good...flakey and crunchy...and simple to make.
If you are interested,
for the tutorial.



countrynmore said...

Those crackers sound so yummmy.

Lady Farmer said...

Yay! I have been wanting to make my own crackers ~ this is just the push I needed! Thank you!

kpaints said...

Wow, what a gormet you are getting to be!! lol

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