Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fantastic Freshness

There is nothing better than the fresh tastes of summer.
My garden is the best it has ever been.
All of my vegetables are growing in raised cedar boxes.

Tonight's dinner was out of the garden....
eaten on the deck.

 Cajun seasoned Mahi Mahi with fresh salsa 
(organic tomatoes and peppers
with cilantro and onions from my garden)

Organic potato salad
with onions and dill from the garden.

Steamed sugar peas from the garden.

Salad with freshly picked butter lettuce,
homegrown broccoli, cucumber, scallions, and Nasturtium flowers.

Wine made by my brother in law.
Homemade strawberry sorbet from our own strawberries.

Mouthwatering delicious.

As healthy as you can possibly get.

Everything eaten within an hour of being picked.

Oh, how I love summer!!


Autumn said...

Sounds so good!!!
My daughter makes a fruit dip-makes me think of you for some reason.
Its strawberries kiwi and I dont know what else but its chopped up like salsa and you eat it with fried tortillas sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!!! SOOOO YUMMY!!!!
Oh by the way-Ill be over for dinner TOMORROW!!!!!!:)
I wish!!!!

Anonymous said...

It can't get much better than that..Yum!!

Anonymous said...

You must post the recipe for the sorbet. It looks so delicious. Of course everything else sounds delicious too!
Your friend countrynmore

Katmom said...

Well fiddles! where was I?,
I should have been at your home having!
We are just now getting our garden going,,,Spring was late & short and Summer was taking it's time getting here too!
Now I just hope we don't have a short Summer or else my efforts will go to waste!

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