Thursday, July 15, 2010


Every so often I hear a faint call from the second floor.

I climb the stairs and look longingly at the sewing room door.

"Come and play, Bev" I hear faintly.

Unfortunately the only time I have spent in that room lately
has been to whittle away at the pile of ironing that has been accumulating.

Now, I am not complaining,
because the things that are keeping me from playing 
are outdoor activities....gardening, picking berries, harvesting veggies, etc.

But, oh how I miss spending the afternoon humming away on my sewing machine!

Today I headed out to the woods to pick berries.
We have had just enough rain to plump up the blackberries and black raspberries.

That means it is time to make my yearly batch of triple berry jam...
blueberry, blackberry, black raspberry....
yummy, berry goodness to enjoy throughout the coming months.

I donned my purple Wellies,
(boots to help keep the chiggers from crawling up my pants!)

loaded the 4 wheeler with camera equipment and a bowl,

and headed out to the woods.

I picked for an hour or so

and came back with quite a bounty.

Now to get busy in the kitchen!
I use just a small amount of sugar in my jams.
Mmmmmm, what a delicious aroma this gives off as it cooks on the stovetop.


Junebug said...

Yum O! I just love all the wood in your home. So warm and cozy. I have to admit I had to go online and look up chiggers. I knew they were some sort of bug; so now I'm all educated!! We don't have them and I'm very glad of that! So how about sending a taste my way!!

DebH said...

gosh does that ever look wonderful!! What a pleasure to drive into your own "backyard" to find those beauties! I can imagine that jam is absolutely wonderful.:)

Anonymous said...

We love triple berry pie!


Autumn said...

I had soooo wished to reap a bounty of blackberries this year but the drought aqnd extreme heat have all but killed the plants. :(
We can't pick them roadside anymore -the parish sprays poison on them just after they bloom or when the berries are red.
Since you cant tell when of if they've been sprayed we just skip the roadside altogether.
Maybe next year will be better-yours look wonderful!!!!
I think I can smell it cooking,too! :)

How's the baby boy?

Michle said...

I to like to pick blackberries. They were ripe around May 1st in my neck of the woods. I am obsessive about picking them. I can't stand to see them waste. I don't know how many cobblers I made and froze the rest for later. Nothing better than the 1st cobbler of the season with vanilla ice cream. And oh the blackberry jelly is so good. Mother Nature blessed us with an outstanding crop this year.

Old Machala Farm

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2010 said...

Ahh...blackberries! YUMMY. :)

countrynmore said...

Yummy. I never had triple berry jam. My brother and sil have a large blackberry bush in their back yard.

Anonymous said...

another YUM!!!!

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