Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oh how I love masquerade parties!
Don't you?
Isn't it fun to assume a new identity?
If I were going to a masquerade ball, 
I would dress as an Enchanted Owl Queen,
and wear this mask...

I felt the urge to create something this afternoon.
So, I printed out a mask template from
(one of my favorite blogs!...please visit it!)

I printed the mask onto heavy card stock,
backed it with velvet,
trimmed it with bias binding,
and added feathers....

Lots and lots of feathers.
The blue feathers came from my friend Linda,
from Kentucky.
The black and white spotted feathers came
from my beloved guinea fowl.

What do you think....
would this make a good Enchanted Owl mask?

Now to donne my royal gown and mask 
and dance by the light of the moon!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

It would make a stunning enchanted owl mask!!!!

Teacup Lane said...

Very well done Bev! It is stunning!

Lady Farmer said...

Very Cool!

Anke said...

Your mask turned out beautiful! Those blue feathers are amazing! A very long time ago (I think I was about 16) I made a mask out of black and white feathers and sequins. It took hours to sew and glue everything on, but the result was definitely worth it. Nobody recognized me until I took the mask of.
Now where is the picture of you in your gown and mask? ;-)

countrynmore said...

Bev., the mask looks fantastic.

Rebecca P said...

You will be a lovely owl queen. The mask is wonderful, I love the spotted feathers.

Anonymous said...

OK..what's an enchanted owl queen??? Whatever it is, you'd be good at it!!! Love the mask...

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