Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Online Friends

I have been very fortunate over the past few years to meet
some truly amazing women online.

My first experiences came from an online forum,
Mary Jane's Farm.
There I came to know many women from all over the country....
women with common interests....many of them farm girls,
many of them aspiring farm girls.

It was during this time that I entered the world of blogging.
In blogland I met even more amazing women.

Last summer I had the opportunity to visit an online friend
in Washington state.
She opened her home to me and treated me like family.
I stayed with "Katmom" Grace for a week, and together we attended
MaryJane's Farm Farmfair 2009.
Grace and I continue to stay in touch.

Last year I started emailing a friend from my blogs, 
named Linda.
Linda lives in Kentucky.
Happily, when I went to Kentucky last month, 
I had the good fortune of meeting Linda in person
and spending a morning with her.
When we parted, she left me with the most special gift...
a basket of goodies.
Ritz for the goats, Quaker Oatmeal squares for the horses,
jelly beans and books and fabric for me.
I was so very touched.

Kindred spirits....
that's what I think of my online friends.
We share stories of our lives and our families,
along with the ups and downs of life.
These are gals who would be so much fun
 to spend time with on a regular basis...
antiquing, tea parties, crafting and sewing groups 
would be part of my world
if these gals were closer.

Over the past several years I have received
wonderful tokens of friendship in my mailbox.

Each day, when I sign onto my computer
there are emails and comments from my online "friends".
Maybe you are one of them.
What I want you all to know is how much your correspondence 
and comments mean to me.  
They are always a very bright spot in my day.
Thank you for your friendship!

Yesterday I had a chance to sew an apron for myself...
something I never do.

This apron is one that I am keeping...
the first one in years....
the rest have gone to new homes all over the country.

This one is special.
This one reminds me of the blessing of friendship.

The fabric for this apron was gifted to me...
The French chicken side from Linda.

The "I'd rather be sewing" side from Grace.

Wearing this apron when I am in my kitchen
will remind me of how lucky I am to have met
such special women....
women who I would never have met if not online.

We live in a world that has become impersonal.
It is wonderful to be "touched" by so many inspiring women,
who willingly open their arms and their hearts in friendship.

To all of you....
Thank you for touching my life!


Junebug said...

It's more thank you for touching my life. You are the one that encourage me to start my blog. And I have met so many wonderful online friends. I've had the gift of meeting a few in the real world and my world has been so brighten. Thank you again!! I love the new apron and how fun to think of yours friends when you wear it.

Lady Farmer said...

Oh those fabrics on the apron are just delightful and fun! So glad you are keeping this one for yourself! What a great way to remember your friends!
I am really loving your dress form, also! She's a beauty!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Everyone is always so kind and supportive. I'm so happy to have found blogging this past summer.

kpaints said...

What a wonderful apron, about time you got one made for YOU! And the best part...your dear friends gave you the fabric...wonderful memories!
Blog land is amazing....I could write about my wonderful new friends, things I have learned, etc for a long time! Thanks, for being one of them!

countrynmore said...

You are so sweet my friend. You have touched our hearts with your inspirations, your unselfishness, and your caring for others.

Anke said...

That was beautiful! I am so glad we 'met' through the blogging world, reading your blogs always brighten my day.
Your apron is gorgeous!

Katmom said...

simply, said, 'Thank you my dear friend... you truly are a blessing in my life.'

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