Sunday, October 17, 2010

WSF Benefit Auction

This coming Friday night is the annual fundraiser
for the World Surgical Foundation.
This is the group that sponsored our 
medical mission trip to Haiti.

They asked me to make a couple of aprons 
for a benefit auction.

This always makes me a bit nervous...
wondering if my aprons are nice enough for
a benefit such as this.

I am auctioning my Hydrangea Pinny

and also this reversible chef's apron.

I love the dark brown and aqua combination
with polka dot pleated ruffle, pockets, and ties.

It will be fun to see how much money each apron brings.


Anne said...

of COURSE they are good enough for auction! what lovely sewing you do :) I am always wowed by your aprons--harkening back to a lovelier time. Looking forward to updates on how the auction went!

countrynmore said...

Bev., I hope that the aprons do well at the auction. The aprons look very nice.

Anke said...

Your aprons are beautiful! I hope they bring in a lot of money for such a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

They'll do just great..The Pinny is my all time favorite...Good luck

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