Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Projects

I wish I were posting on this blog more often,

because that would mean that I have had time for all
sorts of fabulous projects!

Sadly, though, I have had precious little time.

In the weeks since Christmas, though,
I have managed to finish a couple small projects.

Without pictures of the finished projects (sorry),
I will say that I did have time to make 3 chef style aprons, reversible,
in delightful coffee fabrics for our local coffee shop.
The gals who waitress there are now wearing aprons made from 
a combination of these fabrics...

I have been averaging a batch of decorated cookies each week,
trying to improve my decorating skills.
I work free hand....without those fancy overhead projector tools.
(And of course, you can tell!)
I cut out a batch of tulips and decorated some as owls.
The orange dinosaur head is from a heart shaped cutter.

I only hope to get good enough to decorate cute cookies for
grandchildren and the occasional gift.

This week Jenn and I are going to attempt Steeler's emblem cookies
for the Super Bowl.
(pictures to follow)

When I am not doing farm chores, or farm blog, or cooking,
I am working on a flannel raggy quilt for my grandson,
Who wants to sew, when this handsome little guy is around?

The fabric is a bug print with coordinating primary colors...
This will be a quick and easy project.
I hope to share some instructions with you in the near future.


missymax said...

WOW..what great cookies..very professional..there must be a market out there somewhere (kinda takes the fun out of it though)..Can't wait to see the quilt!!

kpaints said...

Wow, you sure do bake up a storm...I haven't done fancy cookies for over 30 years! Those are real cute and SOOOO much work! I bet your family really appreciates YOU!

Dianne said...

I love the dimple in this adorable baby's chin! And, no, I wouldn't be sewing either if he were there...just playing! Can't wait to see pics of the finished projects - all the fabrics are so cute!

Nina Suria said...

Awesome post. Love your cookies and the fabrics, too. Cant wait to see your finished project ;)

Have a great february

Joyce St John said...

I don't know how you get so much done! The cookies are beautiful! Love your fabrics. Can't wait to see the rag quilt. And Tyler is so adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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