Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Decorating With Collections

I love antiques...


Is this because I, too, am an antique??

Well, whatever the reason...
I love to use antiques in my decorating,
with different rooms carrying different themes.

Right now the kitchen is home to my kitchen scale collection.

Each one of these vintage beauties is different.
Most are still useful...that is if you need to weigh anything...
which I don't.
So, for me they only serve the purpose of "eye candy".

This is perhaps my favorite.
I found it this past summer at an antique shop on the Delaware shore.

It is an old deli scale...
just like I remember as a child in our little neighborhood grocery store.

A few favorites are display pieces...

the rest sit atop our kitchen cabinets.

This one is a favorite and resides on the breakfast bar...
holding a soy candle on one side, 
and quite often fresh fruit on the other.

I think what I love most about antiques, 
is how they stand the test of time.
I wonder how much of our cheaply made "stuff" of today
will be able to boast the same.


kpaints said...

What a wonderful collection, I have never seen so many differnt scales! I love the two sided ones the best and your fav is my fav! Happy hunting.

basketsbyrose said...

Love your collection of scales. I don't think what is made today will last the test of time. It breaks to fast!

Anke said...

Your collection of scales awesome. So many different ones, it's hard to say which one is my favorite. We have an old scale sitting in our kitchen as well. It used to be my grandma's scale and has been in the family as long as I can remember.

missymax said...

you are hardly an antique..just old enough to appreciate things..Love your scale collection..Todays "made in china" junk is disposable

Ginny said...

A lady after my own heart, I collect scales as well, lots of hanging brass decorate our walls, counter scales on top of the hutch and a candy scale on top of another hutch in the Family Room, and I'm sure many more that I have forgotten!! Thanks for sharing your collect.

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