Friday, April 8, 2011

The Blessing of Friends

Another rainy day....

we've had way too many.
After living through what seems to be the longest winter of my life,
I am in big need of sunshine.
And yet, the weather doesn't cooperate.

In an attempt to lift my dampened spirits,
I bought two Gerbera daisies and repotted them
in clay pots set in an old milk carrier.

Flowers are the perfect way to brighten a day.

A vignette change on my kitchen window sill 
gives me some cheer as I look out at the unending rain.

What I really wanted to show you is this...

two special packages that the mailman brought today.
They are lovely gifts from two dear friends...
one from Louisiana, and one from Kentucky....
both are Blogland friends who I wish lived down the road.
They are two sweet gals that have blessed my life with 
their friendship.

This brown box is was stuffed with delicate,
delicious whoopie pies. (my favorite!)
(My mouth is stuffed with one as I write this.)

Thank you helped make my birthday so very special.
What I cannot show you is the package that arrived last week
from Linda....filled to the brim with all sorts of wonderful gifts
for me...a basket of cookie cutters, a book, a candle,
 and black iris rhizomes from her garden 
(which have now made a home in my garden).

The second package today was from a sweet Southern Belle
with an amazing business she calls "MettaMarie".
It is a lovely tattered and embellished crocheted top from 
her yummy collection of hand made wearable art.
It truly is a piece of wearable art!
Check out her lovelies HERE

Thank you so very much Autumn!!

Last week a package arrived from my friend Grace in Washington.
A lovely lavender sachet from her homegrown lavender,
a sweet china teacup and silver spoon

and a hand crocheted rag rug...

Thanks so much Gracie!

Sweet notecards graced my mail last week from my oldest friend,
We were born on the same day and share so many life memories.
Our history is a story in itself.... we have had more in common over the years
than one could ever imagine.
How did she know that I would need so many notecards this year?
Thanks Laurie!

Although these friends (and several others) are scattered around
the nation, they claim a place very dear to my heart.
Soul sisters, kindred spirits....blessings who have made 
my life richer and fuller with their friendships.

To all of you who have extended a hand in friendship...
I thank you.
May I be the kind of friend in return that you are to me.
May I lighten your heart on a dark, gloomy day,
like you have done for me.

I love you...dear friends!


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Bev! I'm so glad you have chosen to share your life with us in Blogland. What nice gifts your dear friends have given you.

Julie Harward said...

I just love blog friends! These are so nice, lucky you! I love the flowers too! ;D

missy max said...

You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends out there in blogland..What nice and unusual gifts...I'll have to check out that website..MettaMarie..I love the top she sent you..Pretty flowers..maybe spring is around the corner???

kpaints said...

What blessings! Isn't blogland wonderful...well, friends are so wonderful! They love and support us in small ways with big hearts! You are a very beautiful person!

GardenofDaisies said...

What lovely gifts! I love the crocheted rag rug! And I really LOVE your forget me not (Memory Lane) teacup. That is my china pattern.

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