Thursday, September 11, 2008

Busy Week

So here it is Thursday already. The week has just flown by. Unfortunately, I have not darkened the doorway of my sewing room yet. Perhaps today I will have a bit of time to finish another apron and work on a Friendship pillow special order. I have been busy, though. Yesterday I finished rendering beeswax and pouring this year's candles.

Our honey harvest produced a cardboard carton full of honey combs which I melted in a double boiler, filtered through cheese cloth twice and poured into a mold. It is a messy process requiring cookware dedicated to only this. (Otherwise clean-up would take longer than the rest of the process.)
The end result is these adorable beehive candles that burn long and clean.

I have also been trying to get our bottle honey ready for sale. Labels are finally in place and the finished product looks like this.

And finally, I have been trying to get the remaining tomato harvest canned and put up for this coming winter. I have many quart jars of tomatoes and 14 jars of organic (Putanesca) spaghetti sauce...which is our favorite!

What's that I hear? Oh my, it is my sewing room calling my name. First a load of eggs to deliver and then.....maybe I might get to heed the call!


Anonymous said...

adorable candles

Margie said...

I think I need to go take a nap, after seeing what all you got done this week, it's made me tired!

It's a good feeling though, isn't it? when you get a lot of things like that done for your household.

I LOVE those little candles, they are so sweet! Do you sell those too?


Katmom said...

once again you just amaze are so crafty and energetic!!!
I need a java boost just to thing about making a "to-do" list! lol!
I love your cute candles....and yes, do you plan on selling some? hmmm?
I can get a check into the mail asap.....after all Christmas is coming up...

Beverly said...

I only had enough wax this year for 6 and 1/2 candles....the 1/2 candle is not shown on this picture!! LOL... I will keep for use at the farm and keep for gifting. Perhaps if I get more wax, I may sell later.

Beverly said...

Wow! Great job! The candles look fantastic, and I love having a stocked pantry.

Katmom said...

ok, next year I expect to see a line of "Candles by Beverly".
As for that 1/2 candle...sounds like you have a Slacker amongst your!

Merry said...

Your beeswax candles are so cute! There is a lot of satisfaction in getting your vegetables canned and preparing for the winter, don't you think?

Queen of Dreamsz said...

I love the cute little beeswax I'll go have a cup of hot tea to celebrate all you've accomplished this week!! :0)

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