Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Perfect Day

I am in the second half of my life...that is if I live, like my Nana, to be 100 (which I am planning to do...God willing) Some days it seems as though the first half went by so very quickly. So much so that I hope to slow down time in these next few years. Perhaps one of the best ways is to take a little time at the end of the day to reflect back on the day.

Today was an ordinary day...ordinary, but wonderful. The bluest sky, a cool breeze, and a hint of Fall greeted me as I stepped out with the dogs for their much loved morning walk. We are so fortunate to live very close to a great nature trail. It winds for miles around us and is greatly utilized by dog- walkers, joggers, and bikers of all ages. I especially love the area in this picture. Although this picture does not do it justice, this area of the trail reminds me of a forest cathedral. The trees on both sides of the trail meet in the middle, high over my head, and the music of the birds in those treetops is as melodic as a choir. This is one of the few things that I will miss when we make our upcoming full-time move to the farm.

This patch of mushrooms was along the trail and caught my fancy. I imagined a whole troop of fairies perched on the tops of these toadstool umbrellas.

After the necessary housework and grocery shopping I settled in to do a little sewing. Although all of our patriotic holidays are over for the year, I thought I would start a little quilt to celebrate our flag. When it is finished I will tuck it away for next summer. I finished two patches today and made a mental picture of what the rest will look like....more to come.
Yes, it was a rather ordinary day, but I accomplished all that I set out to and took a little time to appreciate all that was around me in the process. And really....what more can we ask for? I hope your day was equally wonderful. And I hope you have still retained enough of the child within to see fairies on your toadstools, too!


Anonymous said...

very sweet.I will look for the fairies when I walk (run) Mollie this eve

Katmom said...

I to am looking forward to the slower pace that Autumn brings, leisure walks as evening asends and sitting out on the balcony at sunset watching the silly little quail peaking their heads into my garden.
Your flag blocks are wonderful,,,I really need to slow down and start quilting again.
hugz to you & the family-2&4 legged ones.

smoothiejuice said...

look how cute! great job bev, and yes lets hope autumn slows things down, i need a break!

Kim said...

Lovely Blocks, Bev, really inspiring, as usual :)

Kim x

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