Friday, September 12, 2008

Quilted Pie/Casserole Taker

This morning's project is one that has been on the back burner for a while. Weeks ago a friend showed me a vintage pie taker. It was similar in design but had wooden handles worked into the top closure. The vintage design was not quilted either. I took a few measurements, cut some fabric and got busy. Here is the result....

It has a wooden insert between the bottom layers that provides support and insulation. Spills? No worry....just remove the board and toss in the washing machine.

This is not my favorite fabric...but it works for a pie-taker. I think I will try another one in pastels....a little shabby-chic pie taker. Perhaps one to match tomorrow's Pink Saturday Apron! Back to the sewing room.........


papa sue said...


The pie taker is way too cute. I remember the "old fashioned" pie takers with the wooden handles from the '70's. A friend at church always brings her hot casseroles to our Wednesday night classes in a flour sack "tea towel" that she magically ties around the dish.

Maybe you could do a tutorial, or print easy to follow directions, for those of us who are challenged when trying to make patterns. I can't wait to see this in pastels!



Katmom said...

These are so cooool!
I do remember seeing them at our Church back in the '70-80's when we had 'Pot Lucks'
They are great for transporting small casseroles as well.
I can just see you now,,,at you cutting & sewing table, fabric flying everywhere...fabrics that are vintage looking, shabby chic, baked goods motif and even retro vintage fun bark cloth.
You go girl!

Anonymous said...

If only I could bake!!!!

Jan and Tom's Place said...


You've been selected by me, to receive an award...please visit my blog for the AWARD post to pick it up!


g said...

How clever! I need one of those for Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Cute pink did a wonderful job on the pie that. I love all your blog...visited them all. the honey looks delish. Thanks for stopping by and left a sweet comments...You have a wonderful week...Happy Pink Saturday. Katherinelllen.

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