Sunday, January 4, 2009

And The Winner Is....

Well, since I had enough extra fabric to make two sets of canning jars, I have decided to have 2 winners. Hubbs pulled two names from the hat (drumroll please.......)



Please email me (<--click there) and I will pack these sets up and ship them to you tomorrow morning.
Happy quilting!! will need black fabric for the background, a fabric for your shelves and grey or gold for your lids (a very small amount of fabric is needed for the lids).
Happy let's get sewing!! I still need to quilt mine and add the bias binding. Then it is off to the next project! Hmmmmm....what shall I plan for February's quilt?


ranchmama said...

Thank you Bev!!! I really didn't expect to win! wow..
will email you right away :)


Mona said...

February's quilt should be hearts of course!

Autumn said...

Congrats girls! You will love this pattern and the fabrics are just wonderful!!!

boutcrazy said...

I'm so jealous. I will have to keep an eye for some of this fabric. Maybe I will be more fruitful quilting fruit and vegetables than growing them!

smoothiejuice said...

congrats girls...yay! what fun you will both have!

zees5 said...

I am SO sorry I missed your giveaway. That is the cutest quilt I have ever seen. I hope I can find the fabrics to make one like it someday. Very cute for the kitchen. I JUST LOVE IT! (: Great job! izazbz at yahoo dot com

khartquilt said...

Beverly, I forgot all about the giveaway! I can't believe I won! Thank you thank you.

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