Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here she egg-laying Rhode Island Red....and no coop to clean!

Today was an extremely cold one! I ran a few errands and was so happy to once again be snuggly warm at home. I lost a good friend, nothing serious, but my embroidery machine went I had to run it to my favorite quilt store for service. Thank goodness for back-up machines!! Oh, and while I was at the quilt store, of course I found some yummy fabrics.


Mona said...

She's cute as can be!!

Anonymous said...

Once again I love your creativity :0) I am a little partial to this little quilt...I am originally from Rhode Island. Very cute.
I also wanted to say I have been growing my own sprouts, they are so delicious. I have a little indoor garden on my porch (remember I am in FL ;0) ) I have also grown black sunflower and buckwheat. Very delicious in salads. My son (14) loves to just grab the sunflower sprouts and eat them straight from the pot.
Cheryl (cw246)

Ruth said...

Love this quilt. Such a good job.

kim said...


dee said...

oh I do like your chook - very cute

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