Monday, January 11, 2010

Dress Form Makeover

Previously, you met Hennrietta Butterfield, my Victorian dress form.
She is usually always dressed in her crinolines.
Every time that I look at her,
it seems she has added another vintage cluster earring
to her bodice! She just loves vintage jewelry!
I have another gal who keeps
me company in my sewing room.
She is a less expensive, more modern version who came to me
looking like this.

This weekend I decided to give her a makeover.
Striving for a more vintage-eclectic look,
I enlisted the help of my rubber stamps,
grungy inks, strong coffee, vintage jewelry,
and vintage ribbon and lace scraps.
Charlottes Crown

Here is the end result (for now)....

I am happy to introduce
the Lady Charlotte Willoughby
(you needn't curtsey, she is only a cousin to royalty)


Lady Farmer said...

I have been wanting an old dress form for years and just haven't found one (that I could afford). I didn't want a new one because I didn't think they had much personality, but you have shown me that they, indeed, can be just as charming with a little touch here and there! Lady Charlotte Willoughby is lovely!
Thanks so much for the encouragement! I am off to bid on a dress form on Ebay! ;~}

Stefunkc said...

I love the bling! So cute:c)

Anonymous said...

she's wonderful and I'll just bet you had a blast dressing her up

Karen said...

This is great! I love the way you stamped her and that it!
I also like the vintage ribbon, jewelry, and lace scraps. And you called yourself more "technical" and less "creative" in the 'fly if you are able post'?! I think not! Looks like you are both!

Sandy said...

I didn't realize you had another blog Bev! Today was the first time I saw your link to your other blog. I know I have visited this blog before (way before I had a blog) but at the time I didn't know about your farm blog - but I did love your aprons. Now I'm following this one too and can't wait to look through your old posts. I don't know how you can publish two blogs and take care of your farm too. And then sew and do crafts - you must never sleep.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Autumn said...

She is stunning!!!
The photography is also fantastic!!! So many talents!!!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Oh, she's just great...all of my dress forms are wanting to come for a visit! :0)

Hugs, Steph

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