Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter White

The Christmas decor is safely stored for next year.
This week I returned our girly guest room back
to its original state.
I decided, however, that a few things needed
to be rearranged.
I moved the antique doll house to a table in the back corner.
This left an open space on the antique treadle machine
in front of the bay window.
A winter white display seemed appropriate for this time of year.

Vintage baby booties tied up with white ribbon....
A white custard cup of white vintage buttons....
An old doily and a pearl and rhinestone clip earring help to make
this candle fit better into the old iron candlestick.
Here are a couple more vignettes around the room...
I love the use of vintage jewelry and crocheted doilies to gussy things up a bit.
Thanks so much for visiting today....I hope to see more of you in 2010!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I love the color of your walls.


Beverly said...

Thank you...lavender is a favorite color for me!!

Anke said...

Bev, your guest room is gorgeous! I envy the lucky person who gets to spend a night there. So cozy, warm and inviting.

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