Monday, January 18, 2010


Old to new.

Trash to treasure.

Recyle, repurpose, re-use.....

I love when I can find just the perfect item...

without having to purchase something newly made!
I came across this piece last week at our local antique market.

It was made from an old door, an old dresser mirror,
a blanket chest and the legs from some unknown piece.

I just love it!

I works perfectly in my shabby guest room.

And the best part of it is....

The entire thing is recycled from old pieces

that would have ended up somewhere in a dump.


Sandy said...

I love it and Bev it would go perfectly in my foyer...hee, hee! The mirror is so lovely - what a great piece of furniture. Lucky you!

My SIL has an old one of these (not sure what they are called) in natural wood with the hooks, mirror and storage in the base.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Lady Farmer said...

OOhhh! Lucky you! What a great find! I love it, too, but that mirror is just delightful!

Autumn said...

These are exactly the kinds of pieces we do at the antique shop where I work- it is so much fun to see broken parts come alive in a new form!! Good for you on this piece!!!
It's lovely.

countrynmore said...

WOW! Bev. I just absolutely love it. It is perfect. If I found something that gorgeous, I would have snatched it up. I love it when items are repurposed.

Junebug said...

Love, love, love it!! It would go in my house perfect!!!

Anke said...

It's beautiful, what a great piece!

Tribal Horse Designs said...

love unique !

Anonymous said...

wow..looks's amazing what a little TLC can do..I'd hardly call that room "shabby"

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