Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fly If You Are Able

I have to tell you, I have met amazing women here in Blogland.

I am so awestruck and inspired by the wonderfully creative blogs out there. They are an inspiration to me daily. There are women who create through so many different mediums.....food, photography, fabric and fiber arts, writing, mixed media.....you name it, and some fabulous woman is doing it....and doing it well. I have visited blogs that make me cry, make me laugh, lift me up and inspire me.

It is almost intimidating when I see this wealth of creativity. Oh, how I long to create something beautiful and timeless and inspiring. Alas, though, I have come to the conclusion that my own talents lean towards the technical. For example, I can cook, I can sew....I can do just about anything that a person can "learn" to do. What I long for, though, is the type of creativity that springs forth from a person's soul. The type of gift that gives a person the imagination to think of something that no one has ever before expressed....be it music, art, writing....something completely unique and original.

To me, these types of persons are born with wings and the innate ability to fly....nothing that needed to be learned....they have the gift of lofty, weightless creativity....soaring above the rest of us.
Then there are those of us who have both feet on the ground....we are firmly rooted.... we grow, we learn, we try...but we never fly. What we can do, though, is dance. We can run with wild abandon and dance our way through life...taking each step that we have studied and mimicked and then create our own type of uniqueness.....parts of which are recognizable, gained from the visions of others, but the whole of which is our own. We weave these ideas together until we create something that speaks to us, something that reflects our own souls, something that makes us dance with delight.
These thoughts were my inspiration for this project... I found some yummy graphics on the Graphics Fairy Blog which I used along with lots of embellishment (and glitter) to decorate an old metal CD case. I call this "Fly if you are able....Dance if you are not"
So, if you, like me, were not blessed with wings, don't despair. Just take pieces of all that beautiful inspiration out there and create something...something that reflects the beauty in your soul. Dance.....with wild abandon! (and use lots of glitter!)
PS: If you are tempted to blog, but feel that you have nothing to offer, think again. We all have gifts, talents that should be shared with others. A friend from blogland said to me "all I do is go to work and come home". I would say back to her...don't sell yourself short. Push yourself. Express yourself. Everyone has something worth sharing. We are out here waiting for you to join us.


Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

This is just gorgeous!!! Truly a beautiful piece. I would definitely say that you can fly! Great job!

karen said...

Incredibly well said! Of course, one of your gifts (talents) is your writing ability for sure! Thanks for the light footed dance into creativity, done 'any way that fits us'. Love that thought. Thanks. Another Karen

Autumn said...

Talk about flying!!! Can you see me jumping up and down and clapping my hands like a child?!!!!
I soo get what you're saying about creating something new- I too am a learner and mimic-er~ but I have found my wings(sort of) through inspiration from my precious friends like you who are so wonderfully talented!!! Whether ya know it or not!!!
See ya in the clouds!!!! :)

Tribal Horse Designs said...

Bev ..those are jsut beautiful !

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