Saturday, March 13, 2010

Laundry Day Apron

A windy, rainy day afforded me the time to make this retro styled
laundry day apron.

It has four deep pockets across the front...
perfect for filling with clothes pins.

I just love the fabric. 
It is one that I have been hanging onto for a couple of years.
Vintage ladies...involved in all sorts of laundry day chores.

The pockets are a companion fabric....laundry day essentials.

Now that my embroidery machine is back from its repairs,
I am able to do fancy stitches once more.

Now, to move this little apron over to my selling blog (here).
I think I shall call her
"Minerva's Laundry Day Apron"
(She might make a good Mother's Day gift.....)



Lady Farmer said...

That is perfectly adorable!

Erin said...

I absolutely love it!!! If you feel the need to let it go, let me know!! It is adorable!

Autumn said...

Adorable!!!! I love the fabric!

Anke said...

Your aprons are always so pretty. The fabric on this one is just wonderful. I'm actually looking for fabric to make a new clothespin holder and I'll now have to look for something laundry related. :-) Very, very pretty!

Katmom said...

Oh My Stars! that is way toooo cute!
I think you should give it to yourself for your B-day....wink wink...and I know when it is! heheehee!

Junebug said...

OMG, Love the apron but the name stands out for me. You see my sister and I call each other names of some great aunts. You see in the picture we have of the great aunts from olden days; Aunt Mahala is very tall which my sister at 5' 10" and put together. Aunt Minerva is short and I am 5' 1" and a little disheveled. So this Minerva could use the apron with laundry day tips on the fabric. So enjoy your blog, June

countrynmore said...

The apron is adorable. Great price too!

Bonne said...


Junebug said...

I had to make one more comment for I"m still chuckling over the apron's name. I had to post a picture of Mahala and Minerva on my blog today. Is there someone in your family that this apron was named after? Thanks for helping make this Monday joyful!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

DARLING! I love that fabric! If you ever make another one out of that fabric, give me a hoot!


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