Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday, Part Two

If you are interested, here are the graphics that I designed for my
Busy Bee
Clean and Green
Concentrated Laundry Powder
(click on picture for larger version,
then right click to save to your computer)

Feel free to grab either of these
and use them on you own packaging,
if you like...
I used two brown paper lunch bags inside of each other
as my packaging.

PS:  I have a load of laundry drying on the line right now.  This laundry soap worked great...all the mud and dirt that was on my jeans and shirts is gone!  I am sure that greasy stains will still need pretreated, though.  My laundry room smells heavenly!


Autumn said...

Isn't it wonderful? I have been making and using this for over a year now- and I just love it!
The only thing that has been a problem is the WHITE-really white- work shirts that my husband wears.
He works outside as a Communication worker and his shirts get some unique stains on them. I have had to periodically use the commercial detergents to kinda get all the stains out.
It may have some to do with our water as well. I am sooo pleased with this detergent!!!

kpaints said...

Those are simply adorable, your packaging is perfect. You treat yourself well, good for you. I have been making this soap for about a year, not keen on the PN soap so I will use Castile next time, maybe with some EO. Thanks, for sharing.

Michle said...

Where did u purchase the products needed to make the detergent?

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hi Bev, so glad you gave the laundry detergent a try! I love it and will not use anything else! Your packaging is so cute. I have the same graphic and love it. I enjoy making the detergent and love the refreshing smell! ZOTE is fun to use to. I love your enthusiasm in all that you do!


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