Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Antique lace,
Soft flowing linen,
In a minty shade of lemongrass....

A sweet, ruffled pinafore...

Perfect for gathering the harvest
of Indian Summer.

Garden chores
with a friend....

Picking flowers...

This is the prototype for a pinafore apron.
I have been dreaming of linen aprons
with soft, flowing lines,
maximum coverage,
reminiscent of a more romantic time period.

Today I drew the plans on tissue paper
(I save tissue paper, iron it, and reuse it for patterns),
and worked until the pinafore was finished.


Lady Farmer said...

Oh, it is perfectly adorable! And so are you ~ I love the hat, too! ;~P

Katmom said...

Oh Bev,
you are right, this is a lovely apron that makes me want to get out my book of "Tea with Jane Austin" and have a cup of tea in the garden.
apron hugz

jill said...

I love the pinafore! It looks cool and comfortable.
I still have my fabric to make my chicken apron on my to-do list

Anke said...

Bev your apron turned out wonderful! Love the pictures of you and your helper in the garden!

Michle said...

Oh, I want one, please. You look so beautiful Bev!


Anonymous said...

I wore pinafores when I was growing up..then there was my student nurse uniform (kinda the same idea)..I need one to wear on my John Deere..very sweet and feminine..would be a shame to dirty it!!! I love it and you look great in it

countrynmore said...

That outfit looks adorable on you. You look like a country girl that you are.

karen said...

Simply gorgeous! You are a beautiful women! And you make a beautiful apron! :)

JudiB said...

You look amazing in your pinafore..love it!! Like the width of the straps. What a lovely cool outfit. Great hat as well..lol. Hey kitty looks good to.
Weather to finally break here tomorrow. Keep cool.

Judi B.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Now that's what I call an Apron Maven! :0) The pinafores have always been a favorite of mine. You have perfected a timeless design..look forward to seeing more of them. ♥

Happy Day,
Stephanie ♥

Anonymous said...

Indian summer...my foot..that's the romantic side of you

Anonymous said...

I love your pinafore, it's adorable and I need one.

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