Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Is This Child Smiling????

It's because he is watching his Grammie dance and sing!
She finally had some time for sewing!!


I received a request for a couple of aprons.
One is finished and I will share pictures with you
on Monday or Tuesday.

I have also started a second special order!
Oh, it feels so good to spend some time in my sewing room.
And Tyler loves when his Grammie celebrates!!!

PS....does he have my chin, or what!


kpaints said...

Oh, that is so cute! He loves you! What a wonderful smile!

Liz and Sean said...

Wow, look at those eyes! So shiny!!!!

:-) cute

Katmom said...

Hey Bev,
I am doing the "Happy Dance" for ya too!
Isn't it great to be back at the sewing machine?
I survived from Saturday Night baby sitting..,.lets see:
play with babies...check
feed babies....check
clean up food off floor and babies...check
give babies a bath...check
snuggle with babies...check
put babies to bed...check
peek in on them a million times...check
go home with a happy smile on my face...double check.
Aren't we the lucky ones!
Hope your night of baby sitting was equally fun.

Anke said...

He is adorable and has the sweetest smile! Makes me miss babies... I'm glad you finally had time to sew, can't wait to see the finished aprons.

Anonymous said...

you both have your Dad's chin!!!

countrynmore said...

That is great that you can sew. My machine is in the shop, but my neighbor let me use her old machine. It is like night and day. Your precious one looks so cute.

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