Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Re-purposing Idea

Yesterday, I dumped this 50 lb. bag of birdseed 
into the bin that we store it in on the front porch.

Every time I empty one of these bags,
I feel like there is something I should be doing with
the bag rather than adding it to the trash.
It is some sort of woven plastic fabric;
and I don't think it's recyclable.

So I saved it, cleaned it out and brought it into my sewing room.

One cut, and a few seams later and here is the repurposed bag....

Ready to use for groceries or storage....a tough tote bag.

You can make two totes from one 50 lb bag.  
Simply cut the bag in half across the middle.
Open the bottom and top seams.
Sew a seam across the bottom
and square your corners.

Fold down the top and hem.
Add straps.
And that's it.


Whimsey Creations said...

GREAT idea! And it looks pretty too.

JudiB said...

OMG..when I think of the feed bags I have at the barn. Just wish they were as pretty as this..but they will do for some plain grocery bags..thanks for posting this.

Judi B.

Katmom said...

you R-2 clever!
hmmm, I wonder if I can do the same w/the goat feed sacks...and make big "Costco" size tote bags...thinking, thinking....

Lady Farmer said...

Yippie! I have been saving my birdseed sacks for so long wondering what to do with them ~ as I didn't have the heart to just throw them away! I have used a couple as kneeling mats in the garden so I don't get my knees (or my pants) so dirty or grass stained! Thought of making some cat place mats to put under the cats dishes, too!
Thanks for the idea!

karen said...

Sooo cute! You smartie pants!

Liz said...

Came out really well!


countrynmore said...

Wow, Bev. you have outdone yourself again. Very clever, and gorgeous too.

Nina Suria said...

wow good job Bev, its so amazing

Anke said...

Great idea! I'll have to keep that in mind next time I buy birdseed.

~~Anne said...

I love it!!
I've seen these for sale at our local farmer's market. Wish I was creative enough to do something like this.

Anonymous said...

always thinking!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get what you used for handles? B.

Beverly said...

I got the woven handle material at the fabric store by the yard. i think the next bag will be made with handles from re-purposed baling twine....braided

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