Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still in The Kitchen

This summer has brought us a wonderful harvest.

Most of my spare time has been spent either in the garden,
or in the kitchen dealing with what comes out of the garden.
I have canned spaghetti sauce, salsa, stewed tomatoes,
peaches, beets, pickles, and hot pepper spread.
Blueberries and blackberries have been transformed into jams.
I have frozen green beans, corn and broccoli.

I have also tried my hand at infusions.
This jar is the start of Blueberry Basil Vinegar.
This concoction has been brewing in my cold cellar for a month, now.

Four weeks ago I put 4 cups of white wine vinegar
4 cups of crushed blueberries (from our bushes)
1 cup of basil (from the garden)
and the zest of one lemon
into a large pantry jar and covered it.

Every 3 days I would gently shake the jar to mix the contents.

Then this morning I filtered the mixture
 through several layers of cheese cloth.

One lastl filtering through a coffee filter....

And here is the final product...labelled.

I am happy with the clarity 
and will use this vinegar for salad dressings.
The label is courtesy of the Graphics Fairy.
I imported it into photoshop and added the text.


Anonymous said...

looks well does it keep??? Does it need to be refrigerated??

countrynmore said...

So professional looking Bev. You outdid yourself again.

Whimsey Creations said...

Oh that is beautiful and I bet it tastes great too! I'm in the process of making some lemon verbena liquor but it will be another week and a half before it will be ready. I may have to try your recipe for the blueberry wine vinegar - it looks so pretty!

kpaints said...

That is so adorable and I see you have been the The Graphic Fairy again! Ha! It looks wonderful! I can just imagine the taste! Please let us know...

Beverly said...

The recipe calls for this to be processed in a water bath canner....but since it is vinegar and I got it completely clear, I am just going to store it on my pantry shelf. I keep all of my vinegar based salad dressings on the shelf, without refrigeration, so I don't see why this vinegar wouldn't be ok.

Anke said...

You've been very, very busy! The vinegar looks wonderful and your label is lovely.

Nina Suria said...

Hello Bev, what a wonderful job u did. I love ur label, it looks so professional n the graphic is sweet too.

Katmom said...

hey Bev,
I am soooo garden didn't do Bupkis! so I will have to go up to Green Bluff & pick my veggies if I want to do any canning this year.
UUGGHH! last year I had pickles, 'maters & yellow squash oh and bell peppers.... this year my mater's are still gren, my bell's are still small & my melons are just now flowering...even my raspberries are not doing anything...the only thing in my garden that did half way decent are my Gooseberries, currants, herbs & potatos.
Can I come live with you guys & Hickory?

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