Saturday, August 7, 2010

Well Preserved

Well preserved!
Isn't that what we all hope we end up being?
Living on the farm may not keep me well preserved,
but it has afforded me the opportunity to make plenty of preserves!

Here is this summer's bounty, preserved for use this winter.
Fear not, I am not yet finished.

This morning I am going out to the garden to pick more tomatoes
and start another large kettle of spaghetti sauce.
Puttanesca sauce to be exact (we love olives)
Everything in the sauce will be home grown,

except for the olives.

Which, believe me, if I could I would grow olives.
They might be my most favorite food of all!
(Did I mention that at one time I could fit 18 in my mouth all at once?)
Don't ask me whatever possessed me to try that!
(Or was it grapes...oh well, same size!)

Oh, and here is the kitchen help....
Joe Cool!
No, his feet are not that's just the camera angle!

Speaking of buddies,
Here's Hickory.
She has just discovered (after 15 years if life... in her previous home)
the world of toys!
See how she's smiling?
Who would have known that balls can be such fun!
Especially ones that we can keep away from Maddie!


Anonymous said...

I think you've added years to Hickory's life (probably the best ones)..He looks happy and healthy

jill said...

I love to see pictures of canned goods. It is such a good feeling to have food stored away for winter!

This week I am going to can a bushel of peaches and dehydrate more tomatoes. I am going to try to make tomato paste.

Love your kitchen help!


ain't for city gals said...

WOW...that is a lot of canning...good for you!

kpaints said...

OMgosh, you are so uncouth!! ( I spelled that right) 18 olives....and I thought you were a respectable Doctor's wife!! lol

countrynmore said...

Wow! What A Bounty! You are fortunate that you have the room to grow all those delicious fruits and vegetables. Our dog Max goes nuts when he sees a ball. And btw, love your kitchen helper there.

Anke said...

WOW you've been very busy! It looks like a rainbow on your kitchen counter...
Your grandbaby is such a cutie, you must be so thrilled they are still staying with you.

Memaw's memories said...

You've been one busy gal. I've canned lots of peas, some tomato juice, made a few pickles and some jelly, but nothing to match what you have.

And my brother left me another bag of peas to shell tonight. I think I'll freeze them.

Posy Linda said...

Hi Bev, I was so pleased to find you from TeacupLane-Sandy. I look forward to visiting again. Your little kitchen helper is adorable. Enjoy a beautiful weekend!

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