Friday, January 25, 2008

Ending on a Positive Note

Well, in spite of this morning's little disasters, I was able to completely finish my Western Mini aprons and experiment with making dishtowels for a farmgirl swap. Here are the finished results of both. The teatowel is a work in progress...I think I will keep this one and keep experimenting on the ones for the swap. ( I need a reliable ruffler attachment...and someone to tutor me in it's use!)


Autumn said...

Well Bev- you certainly aren't a shrinking violet(is that the right flower??)
What a woman- still getting projects finished after such discouraging events!
Good"farmgirl" stick-to-it-ivness!

CountryintheBurbs said...

The mini-apron is adorable!! I love the bright colors on it. I saw your sewing machine post too. That looks like one big, heavy machine!

Amy said...

Bev...that towel w/ the birdie on it is simply adorable and I also love your mini aprons that you have done :-)

I am "tagging" you fellow Farmgirl if you would like to play, check out my blog.

Hope that your wrist is doing much better with all of that sewing that you are doing.

Katmom said...

luv those western mini's....too cute! did you use the shrinky dinks,(stamping on the boots?)..
I have to admit, my shrinky dink horse shoes came out kinda lame, oh well!

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