Thursday, January 10, 2008

Napoleon, the Wood Duck

About a quarter mile from our home is a small park with a large duck pond. All year long this pond is inhabited by a flock of non-migrating mallards, 3 Pekin ducks, and one lonely little wood duck.
I first noticed Napoleon, the wood duck, last year. He is much slighter than his compatriots with a noticeably squeaky quack. What impressed me so much about this little fellow was how desperately he tries to blend in with the rest of the gang. Most of his day is spent tirelessly paddling in double-time to catch up to the rest; only to be once again left behind when they change direction. On occasion he can be seen trying in vain to bully the others. Sadly, though, no one seems to take him seriously. This whole scene was not unlike ones that I have witnessed on child desperately seeking "friend". How many bullies are really only lonely, insecure souls?

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